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E-Bikes are great for the sport of biking. Before you throw your coffee at the screen, hear me out. 

We get it, you are an avid biker and you put major kilometers on the saddle every year. Guess what, you may actually be intimidating to outsiders. Score one for your ego! Take myself as an example, I ride lots (by no means am I a trail burner) but friends whom don't ride would have trouble keeping up to not just my speed but time per ride. It's nothing to go out for 1-2 hours for us bikers. 

I'd love to get my wife into the sport, or heck even my father who is 60 (he looks younger though ;)) but it would either slow me down completely or ruin it for them trying to keep up. 

Enter a pedal assist E-Bike. 

These bikes are designed not by throttle, but by outputting energy to the tire when you pedal. It assists the biker and gives them the ability to keep up to the more experienced riders. And lets face it likely surpass you too!

It will get more people of different fitness levels on bikes and on the trails. The more users we have the more commitment to maintaining the trails and building the trails. And the culture can grow. 

They can be used to commute too as leaving a better footprint on our environment, thus leaving a greener bikier for our kids of tomorrow. 

So instead of making fun of E-Bikers, embrace their efforts! Give them a kudos!!

For 2019, we will have a shop DEMO bike here at O'Reilly Sports and strongly encourage anybody with curiosity to come take it for a rip! Once you do you will be hooked! Check out the Cannondale Cujo Neo today!

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