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Matthews fitting in nicely with Team NA

 Matthews accepts a cross ice pass from McDavid. 

Leaf fans finally having something to be excited about. After a miserable season last year that saw the Leafs finish 29-42-11 which left the Leafs dead last in the NHL standings. 

But, their last place finish also gave them the best odds to win the NHL's #1 pick going into the 2016 draft. Which they did, and to nobody's surprise they used the top pick to land the American born Matthews. 

Playing for the under 23 Team North America at this year's World Cup of Hockey, Matthews has fit in well with past number 1 picks like: McDavid & MacKinnon. 

Playing at the Air Canada Center on September 19, 2016, Matthews scored what will be the first of many goals on the Maple Leafs home ice. 

The goal was awesome, with McDavid flying by Datsyuk and Matthews sneaking behind Emelin with deceptive speed to bury the tap in:

"It's always exciting to score, contribute. It was definitely a pretty good feeling," said Matthews. "But in the end we didn't get the win which is the most important thing." (Quote courtesy of CBC)

Babcock watched this game from the stands and he must of been impressed, he had this to say:

"We know where our bread's buttered. We know who pays us. We're paying attention to every Leafs player, don't worry about that," Babcock said. (Courtesy of Bleacher Report)

To catch Matthews next with Team NA tune in September 21, 2016. 

Team North America vs. Team Sweden, 3 p.m., ESPN, SN, TVA Sports

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