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SKI Lease Program

We are excited to introduce our all-new Lease program for JR downhill skis!

My kid keeps growing like a weed, if I buy skis I might only get one season out of them and get stuck selling them online. I wish I could just lease her a set! 

This is the most common objection we hear from parents. The average JR downhill set cost about $400 (Skis, Bindings, Boots, and Poles). And it can easily go up from there. 

This is why we are introducing our lease program. Come see us, we set your kid up with boots, bindings, skis, and poles. All for only $160 plus HST.

Once the season has ended, typically in March or April we require the equipment to be returned. 

So the avg cost of skis is $400, that can be a lot if you need to purchase every other year. 

Instead, you come in and lease for $160 only!

Lease program rates: 

JR Bundle: $160 plus HST


A valid drivers license and credit card is required as proof of identification. Must be 18yrs or older or have a parent/guardian to sign waiver and lease agreement.


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