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SKI Trade

Here is how it works:

  1. Buy your Set of Skis off of us (this is key, we don't want any used ski)
  2. Return them to the store in good condition the following season (Deadline is Oct. 1st of the following season).
  3. Receive 50% credit towards your next set of skis! :)

If you bring your skis back past the deadline of OCT 1, then you will receive a credit of 25% instead and this hard deadline is Dec. 31. No Skis will be brought back into the New Year.

For example, you buy a 400$ ski from us November 15th 2018, if you bring them back before Oct. 1 2019 you will receive a 50% credit towards your next set of skis (so $200). Your next deadline for 25% back lapses after Dec 31 2019. 

Example 2: You buy your skis February 2019, the deadline is still Oct 1 2019 or Dec 31 2019 (for 25%). So buy your skis early to enjoy more use out of them!

You DON'T get 12 months from date of purchase. 

email us or give us a call for any questions.

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