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Time to try a lower flex! Gaudreau shoots a 55 flex

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As many hockey pundits are writing up speculation blogs on Johnny Hockey's contract negotiations, a gem of a blog was found on TSN's BarDown about the stick flex Gaudreau uses. 

Warrior equipment manager has confirmed that Johnny Gaudreau uses a 55 flex stick. Wait, what? A 55 flex?

Now wait, shouldn't he be using a senior flex, like a 95-100 flex stick? Or if you match with his weight at least a 75 flex? 

Well it turns out he isn't the only NHLer that uses a lower flex to increase the velocity and whip that goes into their shots. Former Toronto Maple Leaf and recent Stanley Cup Champion (Penguins) Phil Kessel (200 lbs) must be using a 100 flex stick. Nope!

According to a 2014 article by James Mirtle: “His stick, manufactured by Easton, is believed to have a flex rating of less than 70, one of the lowest in the league.”

So all you beer leaguers out there that swear by the 100 flex give an 85 flex a try.

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