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Bauer s170 JR goalie pads - O'Reilly Sports

Bauer s170 JR goalie pads

$279.99 $399.99

The Supreme line of goalie products caters to efficient, technical, precise goalies that wait for the play to develop. They use power pushes and angles to be in the right place for the shot. Bauer has incorporated some of their most innovative technology from previous products and some all new technologies in the Supreme S170 Pads.

The Custom Rotation System (CRS) utilizes flexible hook and loop straps at the calf and boot to provide a customized fit, full adjustability and stress free performance. The CRS will also allow the pad optimal rotation on the goaltenders leg. An all new toe bridge and flexible lace relieves the hip stress felt with the traditional skate lace. The CRS system uses adjustable (and removable) knee wraps, leather strap tabs, elastic anchor straps for the calf, Velcro boot straps and an elastic lace instead of a skate lace.

The Bauer Supreme S170 Pads feature digitally printed graphics that reduce weight and improve consistency by molding the pad cover versus traditional cutting and sewing. This also allows for more detailed graphics and weight reduction from no stitching on the face of the pad.

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