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Bauer Supreme s180 JR

$249.99 $379.99

The Bauer Supreme skate family is built for explosive power to give each player their most explosive stride. The Bauer Supreme S180 Skate features a 3-D lasted Curv Composite quarter package. The Hydra Max mesh liner provides the player with a comfortable skate with a liner that helps wicks away the moisture and lightweight memory foam ankle pads for comfort and support. The skate features a Form-Fit 48oz/30oz 3-piece felt tongue with a high density metatarsal guard for comfort and protection. 

The Bauer Supreme S180 Skate has flexible tendon guards that move and extend with the players foot during each stride. Each pair of skates comes with Form-Fit+ with stabilizer grip footbeds. Featuring the TUUK LightSpeed Edge holder and TUUK LS2 Stainless steel runner, this allows players to remove their runner with a trigger release system in seconds. No more blown edges or outdoor rink problems, simply swap out the runners when you need to stay sharp. 

All elite Bauer skates are manufactured with 3-D lasted construction to create a closer fit to the foot, locking the heel and ankle in place for increased power transfer in every stride. The ultra-lightweight Curv Composite material is thermoformable and provides players exceptional comfort and a more responsive skate. The TUUK LightSpeed Edge holder allows players to change out their steel in seconds with a trigger release system.