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CCM As2Pro Int Stick

CCM As2Pro Int Stick

$199.99 $299.99

he CCM® Junior SuperTacks AS2 Pro Ice Hockey Stick is engineered for players looking for maximum power in their shots. The SuperTacks stores energy by the longer loading period which allows for the maximum amount of energy transfer through the puck. If you are shooting from the point or blasting one-timers this is the ideal stick for you.


  • Maximum loading Mid Kick point
  • Stiff shaft with a softer mid-section for accuracy and durability
  • Longer loading period to store more energy
  • X-Flow technology eliminates excess resin and improves consistency and durability
  • ACU3 Blade delivers ultra-stiff and lightweight construction for improved shot control
  • SIGMATEX high performance toe material for strength and resilience

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