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CCM Tacks 710 Helmet - BLACK - O'Reilly Sports

CCM Tacks 710 Helmet - BLACK

Every player can find the fight fit with a CCM helmet. CCM helmets are designed to adjust to all head shapes to ensure a great level of comfort. The new Tacks helmet was designed to offer state-of-the-art comfort and fit. With its completely new comfort liner, it delivers an amazing fit and incorporates D3O® lite and CCM’s R.E.D system to offer an elite level of protection. 

The liner of the CCM Tacks 710 helmet has the new I.Q.Shion Foam comfort liner with D3O® Lite and CCM’s R.E.D system. I.Q.Shion Foam offers a premium level of comfort for anyone wearing the helmet. D3O® Lite is an impact absorption material that locks onto impacts and helps absorb the force. This same material can be found in elite level goalie pants, chest protectors and blockers. CCM’s R.E.D. system is short for Rotational Energy Dampening and can be seen in the helmet as a series of liquid-filled bladders positioned between the liner and the player’s head that helps reduce rotational acceleration of the head during impacts. 

This helmet can be adjusted without the use of tools and has an easy adjustment on the back for a customized snug fit. All new CCM Tacks helmets do not require the use of tools in order to customize the fit of the helmet. The outer shell of the helmet has been designed to maximize protective capabilities. This is a pro preferred look with geometry that helps absorb impacts. Scientists indicate that brain injuries and concussions are mainly due to linear and rotation accelerations of the brain. No hockey helmet can prevent or eliminate the risk of a head injury, including concussions.

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