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CCM Trigger 5 Pro SR/INT


The CCM RIBCOR Trigger 5 Pro SR Hockey Stick is built for the player looking for a low kick-point, quick release stick. The Trigger 5 Pro features Nanolite Carbon Layering and Sigmatex Tow Spread Technologies for Stiffness and Durability throughout the shaft and blade. The Ergonomic Shaft Geometry has been methodically constructed to optimize control and comfort. Reinforced Agility Blade for a quick release and enhanced shot accuracy. This is the lightest stick to date CCM has constructed, coming in at 365 grams, the Trigger 5 Pro is a clear upgrade over the previous RIBCOR model sticks.

Nanolite Carbon Layering
The CCM Trigger 5 Pro Stick has been constructed with CCM’s new Nanolite Carbon Layering technology. Nanolite is a high performance carbon layering system providing the stick stiffness and durability, which is built throughout the shaft and blade of the stick. Sigmatex Spread Tow is also featured in the sticks construction which adds to the durability of the stick. 

Stick Flex Profile
CCM has optimized the low kick-point on the RIBCOR Trigger 5 Pro stick. The Trigger 5 Pro has a soft taper area on the shaft with optimal vertical flex throughout the stick. CCM’s exclusive RIBCOR asymmetrical taper design adds to the stick’s ability for heavy load and quick release. Pairing this quick release technology, and CCM’s lightest stick ever made, this stick is constructed with the fast release player in mind.

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