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Garneau Victory Summit Snoeshoes

$200.00 $260.00
  • User Profile: Backcountry : Snowshoes specifically designed for technical hikers and backcountry explorers pushing themselves to new summits. Perfect for steep hills and descents in various snow and ice conditions.
  • Frame: VT-frame Piranha boasts great grip, lightness and good looks.
  • Harness: Contact Trek is padded, flexible in cold temperatures and retains its grip on your hiking or trekking boots.
  • Closure System: Boa® closure system: User-friendly, winter-proof and lifetime warranty. "The best closure system on the market.", New Slipnot quick cinch heel strap and friction buckle. Glove-tested at -45° Celsius.
  • Crampons: Traxion HCX (High Carbon Steel): Multidirectional traction. Lighter than our expedition Traxion HCS crampons.
  • Pivot: Freeflex X pivot, 30mm in width, is the biggest and most reliable of its type in the industry. It supplies a robust yet flexible suspension.
  • Decking: Deck to frame connection ensured by special anti-loosening rivets., Snowfree surface: Excellent snow shedding from deck.
  • Heel Raiser: Gradient heel raiser: Reduces calf fatigue while climbing.
  • Ergonomics: Narrow width and smart taper make this a mountain runner with confidence traction all around.
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
  • Sizes:

    825: 3.9 lb / 1.8 kg

    930: 4.1 lb / 1.9 kg


User weight:

825: 100 - 220 lb / 45 - 91 kg

930: 150 - 250 lb / 68 - 113 kg

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