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S21 Vapor Shift Pro YTH Skate

Find what fits your game with our exclusive lineup of Source Exclusive gear, designed with performance and comfort features to complement your style of play at the right price. We've listened to our customers and worked with the best brands in hockey to conceptualize, design, and manufacture this gear specifically for your budget and goals in mind – to gain an edge over your competition. Whether you’re new to the game, play for the fun of the game, or an upcoming star, at Source for Sports we'll find what fits your game. Features Helps Develop the Skating Stride: Features a DigiComp quarter to provide a younger player with the lateral support they need while developing their skating stride. Maximize Quickness and Agility: The TPU outsole optimizes the boot’s overall stiffness and maximizes quickness and agility. A 40oz felt tongue with comfort pad and a gray 1-piece hydrolite liner with wear patches help to improve in boot comfort and durability. Increase Stability When Skating: The LS Balance steel’s 13 foot radius is perfectly designed to keep the right amount of steel in contact with the ice to increase overall stability.

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