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True XC9 50 Flex - O'Reilly Sports

True XC9 50 Flex

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The TRUE XC9 ACF hockey stick is the precision shooter’s stick with unmatched accuracy, unparalleled control and ultimate feel. Strategically embedded into the blade, the compressible urethane XCORE insert produces up to 30% more puck spin on contact, resulting in a flatter puck trajectory for pinpoint shooting accuracy. The stick’s optimized stiffness profile alongside its improved swing weight also creates a more responsive kick point that drives harder shots than its predecessor. The enhanced absorption qualities of the XCORE insert also provide unrivaled puck control and superior feel when receiving a hard pass or handling the puck.

The XCORE insert technology and its advanced dampening qualities also product unmatched feel while handling the puck and when giving and receiving hard passes. The XCORE insert consists of compressible urethane inserts which cradle the puck during stick handling and receiving hard passes. When combined with modified BRT technology, the face bond of the blade is improved, enhancing durability and consistency throughout the blade’s life. BRT (Braided Rib Technology) offers the strongest, most consistent core structure ever created while maintaining explosive pop. The seamless braided tubes eliminate inconsistencies, extend blade life and increase strength by 50% more than its predecessor.

TRUE’s one-piece compression molded shaft makes their sticks one-of-a-kind. The consistent shaft walls paired with XCORE blade technology increase balance for unparalleled control. With up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, TRUE engineers have perfected the laminate design to create a consistent, durable stick with the ultimate feel for optimal performance. This composite design technology offers an optimized, varied stiffness distribution throughout the shaft.

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