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Warrior Swagger Goalie Stick - O'Reilly Sports

Warrior Swagger Goalie Stick


The Fort Knox of hockey sticks. Very durable.

Warrior has completely redefined the market with the release of the new Swagger line of sticks, adding the ST and LT families of sticks to their arsenal. The ST is designed for the goalie looking for a stick that is STrong and durable that won’t quit on them. They see hard, heavy shots and rely on their stick to deflect and absorb impact without failure. The LT line of sticks is designed for the goalie looking for a LighTweight, thin paddles stick they can shoot and handle the puck very quickly with. It remains durable, but allows for more precise movement/rebound control and shooting characteristics. Either choice, the Swagger is a tool the goalie depends on to stay strong and ready for impact.


All in stock Swagger's are 'Mid' Curves.

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